Bee-gathering- Chase, BC

Well, everything is packed up and I am off. I am headed to beautiful British Columbia to the little town of Chase to get 30 nucs for A.B.C’s new beekeepers. This is an especially exciting trip because I am bringing Paul Lapides with me and his super fancy camera. We are going to start work on a doc about the development of urban apiculture in western Canada. We are headed out today, plan to sleep in the car for the night, then meet with Bill Stagg of Sweetacre Apiaries and get our bees on their way home. We are taking my dads work van since the weather has been so cold out here, I fear that they would freeze in the back of a trailer or truck.

As for progress with A.B.C, I have successfully delegated my first tasks to my helpers. Sharing the work is a problem for me, I’m not so good at it…. its not that I don’t want to, I just don’t know what to share…. my mind is a stuffed closet, and I fear opening the door to a stranger could crush them, if not physically, at least emotionally! Yes. I did it successfully nonetheless. I had a friend paint all of my beehives for me and they are a spectacle of rainbow! I wanted them all to be bright and cheery, a happy place for bees to work, and my landholders to rejoice at their progress! I am finalizing the contracts for 5 urban residential locations for my top-bar hives. These all being in the SW, and within biking distance of my home!  The remainder will stay at my parent’s farm near Crossfield until I can find a city-location!

SO, as of this coming week, the Spring will really be here (at least in my books) and the mentorship opportunities will begin! Hazzah! I need to get out of here before rush-hour sets in! Wish me luck!

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