Wyoming Wilds! Penetrating the Great Western Plains!

I left Billings, MT yesterday around 9am, eager to get on my adventure. I headed in to the Yellowstone National Park via the Bear Tooth Pass, only to find that the pass was closed. This was only a mild disappointment considering the beauty of the pass, I mean Red Lodge is a heaven on Earth. As I was turning around at the pass closure, there was about a dozen vehicles parked and twice as mean people suiting up in their snow gear with snowboards and skiis on their backs. I didn’t understand where they were headed until I reached the bottom of the mountain, looked up, and saw the skiis riding down the remaining crisp snow, gliding to the bottom, only to ferry themselves up again. I will go back to Red Lodge MT again!

My detour took me through the prairies of Wyoming, hedging the eastern side of the Bear Tooth Mountain Range. A descriptive word for the land I saw is immense. The mountains to the west were looming over me without so much as a hint of a foothill, while to the east there was sparse desert, sage brush and earth gorged by rain and wind, exposing its bloody earth works. The colour was phenomenal.

As I drove into the 10 hour drive, central Wyoming became the vacant prairie that I have seen in Saskatchewan, only with more pronged horns! I thought of the Pioneers that took west, the old radio shows:

“Who knows the violence that moved West with young America? I know, Matt Dillon, US Marshal. The first man they look for and the last they want to meet. Its a chancy job and it makes a man watchful, and a little lonely. GUNSMOKE!”

Thinking of this made me think of the lack of trees, and bushes. Even in the spring, I was hard struck to see a creek or stream. Maybe that’s why its cattle country and wild still. Even Matt Dillon couldn’t tame the wildness of the West.

I drove about 20 miles off of the Freeway to make it to Gernessy State Park, and home of the Oregon Trail. What a beautiful place this was, a small reservoir and dam for the town created a beautiful retreat! It being the end of the Memorial Day weekend, it was bare and the night was quite, only the sound of water on stone and the crackle of the fire. I wished that I was setting up camp after a long trail ride, but to tell the truth, it is kind of like a 21st century version of it isn’t it? Haha. Eliese, on the trail after her livestock, on the move, a girl with no home. A true bee-girl, out seeking adventure and love! Ahh, if only Matt Dillons heart could be tamed!

This morning I headed for El Dorado Springs CO., only a 4 hour drive from where I started and I found my way with some success, a little turning around but only because I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. What a beautiful little nook the Boulder CO area is in! Wow. But I found my way, but oddly enough, all I had for directions was a town name and P.O box number. I was never able to get ahold of Corwin before I left. But I had a feeling, I new that where I was headed was where I belonged, and everything would work out better then planned. And sure enough, I got to the town (hamlet really) and asked the first person I saw, and sure enough, he guided me there without too much fuss.

I am writing now because Corwin and Karen are still out of town, but they will be home this afternoon, so I came to town to do some errands before setting in for the nigh.

I promise to keep you posted on how the great introduction takes place, and how I get on with settling in!

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