Swarm Catching and Honey Harvesting

Spring time is the best time, and perhaps the busiest time for top-bar beekeepers. I am finding that here in Colorado, there is always just enough time to play. I just walked back from the creek which carves through Eldorado Canyon and sat down for a bit. Its been a productive morning.

Since coming to Eldo’ I have made some wonderful friends. I went this morning with Karen and Megan to a rock climbing wall at a stiff 5am. Megan cleans there, and so we went to play. Promptly after we went to check out a call in about a swarm in South Boulder and we found that the bees had settled in under the bird’s-nest and had been there for sometime, hiding in the tree. Corwin went up, cautiously broke off the new comb, placed the bees in the bee box, and left the box up for us to pick up tonight. The bees were well-behaved and seemingly eager to be established at a better location.

It was a success. I got home in time to get ready to go and harvest honey as a BeeDoctor with Claire down in South Denver. We opened up a second summer TBH hived with hygienic bees and with a false bottom to contain potential varroa  mites, but we found a worse problem. His bees had done a god job at filling the hive with comb and making very delicious honey, but the bottom board was inaccessible to the bees to clean, leading to the development of waxmoths. What a mess. We cleaned up the bottom board and fortunately, there wasnt any significant damage to the hive.

I think that we can honestly say that hygienic or otherwise, it is best to let the bee do what she does best, care for the hive and keep it clean of both moths and mites!

I am headed up to make some dinner and to put top-bars in a bee fetcher and then go and grab the swarm we captured today.

Man, life is good beekeeping in the Canyon. I couldn’t have asked for a better working vacation!

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