Some work, some play

I took a break on Saturday from beekeeping to go and play, and play I did. I woke up bright and early, did some yoga, then cruised on over to Corey’s house (one of the spledid friends I have made here in the Canyon). We went climbing. Corey’s brother Shawn is here on a vacation as well, so the three of us scaled in to Eldorado Canyon for a days worth of adventure.

I have never rock climbed outside before, and these boys were going to show me the ropes. Pun intended! I dove in and fell in love with the sport, what a great way to play and problem solve! It was hard work, a bit of a hike to reach our route, but worth it all!

By about 1pm we were ready to head back and attempt to make it to Boulder for their Saturday Farmers Market. We made it in time to eat a beautiful linch of Tamales and dumplings. We went in to a tea house downtown that was incredible.

After our adventure to town, we headed back to the Canyon.

Sunday was to be an exciting day, it was the Advanced Course for the Bee Gaurdian Program with Backyardhive. We went to two beeyards and did a hive inspection! It wass incredible. Everyone wass suited up and ready for their chance to get their hands dirty and get in to the hive. Corwin is a fountain of knowledge!

This trip has been amazing. New friends, new skills, and new inspiration. I am very excited to come home and share the valuable information shared with me and to bring forward a new generation of bee-stewards!


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