Bees n’ Seeds

A.B.C teamed up with Big Sky Permaculture (, Canamo Earth Building Technologies and the Bownesian Permaculture Project to create a funfilled Sunday Event called Bees n’ Seeds. A.B.C’s initiative has always been about building community through joint initiatives with other entrepreneurs with the concept of permaculture in mind: great ideas meet great actions meet great people meet great change!

The day began at 9:30 at the Light Cellar ( with refreshments and an introduction. Then Adrian Buckley began his 1hr 20min Intro to Permaculture Presentation. This presentation was a great kicking off point for the 25 attendants to the day because it offered insight to the greater purpose of the event and the real backbone to the Bownesian Permaculture Project which we were to visit later that afternoon.

I then did a 1hr 20 min presentation called “Inside the Hive: Getting to know honeybees”. This presentation shared the responsibilities of bees in the hive and their behaviours so that when we opened the hive later that day, everyone would know what we were looking at!

Then, at about 12:40 we took off and walked the 15min jaunt to the Bownesian Permaculture Project! There we had lunch while Shayne spoke to us about the Hemp-crete house being built!

Right after lunch we split in to 3 groups. One with Shayne and Rob working on the Hemp-crete building, One with Adrian assessing the premacultural design, and the last with me in doing a hive inspection and hive installation. Each group had 35 min with each speaker before switching. Here are some pictures from the day.

We also had the luxury of hiving the beehive which we had recieved in the mail earlier that week. Everyone got a chance to see the queen and all of her workers. Malcolm chose to use foundationless frames for the hive and everyone baited the frames with beeswax to lure the bees in drawing comb. Here are some pictures!

The event was a great success. No one was stung and everyone left more informed and excited to get involved in future events! The next Bees n’ Seeds will be September 19th. Mark it on your calendar!

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