A.B.C at the Calgary Folk Music Festival


What a rare opportunity to share the wonders of the pollinator world to such a wide range of people over four days. It was really great. A.B.C was fortunate enough to team up with the Biological Sciences Faculty of the University of Calgary to present pollinator specimens, as well as some of the carnivorous fair, to our guests. The Calgary Folk Music Festival donated a 20 x 20 ft space for our educational installation on bees FREE OF CHARGE, only through the generous sharing of Slow Food Calgary and Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms of their large allocated space at the entrance of the Folk Festival.

It was a great opportunity to allow people to learn about how we as members of the urban habitat are integral to facilitating ecological diversity within it. By understanding the organism which live and depend on the environment we are creating in this city, A.B.C was eager to teach Folk Festival go’ers the importance of thinking before spraying, mulching, and developing, and replace fear of our black and yellow friends with understanding and respect. Each organism, from the smallest hover fly to your frustrating neighbour, play an integral role in the balance and sustainability of our ecological communities.

This event was also a great opportunity to showcase the upcoming educational programs occurring in the coming months. If you are interested in attending one of the event: which range from free workshops to Level One Urban Beekeeping Certification, go to www.backyardbees.ca!

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