“Its the Police, we need your assistance..”

It was a sunny Friday afternoon when my phone rang, and it was the City of Calgary police department. When the man announced himself, my heart sank. I though, something must be wrong. Was my car broken in to, is my mom ok? No, it was another day in the life of A.B.C beekeeper. There was a swarm of bees hanging off of a lilac bush in a downtown community which needed to be moved! So, in the car I went with my roommate Alaina, and my trustee dog Lola out to the site. There I found two police officers sitting in their van with the AC on high because they wouldnt open their windows. Apparently they didn’t know how gentil the little bees are when they are swarming.

The bees were calm as can be. They were easy to place in to the box, and I could have done it bare handed. The bees were left until the evening until another beekeeper came and picked them up and hived them at a new location. The whole event took 10 minutes to box, and probably the same to rehive.

Now, they say that there are no wild colonies in the city, so these bees must have come from a beekeeper near the area. None of the TBH beekeepers with A.B.C live within 150yds of the place, so I am not sure whos bees they were, but they were healthy and strong! So good to see!

2 responses to ““Its the Police, we need your assistance..”

  1. Hey Eliese, I wonder if this is the other half of your turquoise hive that was at our place. The post is dated the 20th and the bees left the hive on the 11th of August.



    • Hey Cathie,
      I thought of that and I dont think it is, the bees were fat and fresh from a beehive when I caught them so they couldnt have been away from the hive for that long!


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