A Visit to the Farm: Fredrichs Honey, Cedar BC

We made it out to the Island, now it was time to find some of the good stuff from around here, some of that liquid gold my hands have been bathing in this summer, and I found it in Cedar BC.

Fredrich’s Honey is a family run place, and might I add, the tastiest and most creative honey business I have ever encountered. Retailing bee bread, raw pollen, propolis tinctures, wild fireweed and blackberry honeys, locally made honey jars, soaps, candles and skeps to boot. The Theo’s (Theo Sr. and Theo Jr.) are masterminds when it comes to understanding the holistic benefits of the hive, and doing everything in their power to share it with the community.

It was an easy place to find, assuming that you GPS doesn’t take you to the wrong location…cough… Everyone in the area new where Fredrich’s was by the time I stopped and asked. When we got there, we were welcomed openly, ushered in to a little brick building that emanated the scent of honey and comb, and took a seat in the middle of their little showroom. Theo Sr. began by telling me he was retired, or more or less going to retire soon, but rather, he was looking forward to the next season when he was going to split this or that hive. I had a look Theo Jr, and he just smiled the smile of a son who knows that his father will never give up the business. It was incredible. It seems that Theo Sr. knows everyone in the business, and not just in his own Province. 65 years a beekeeper and a man who knows locations, names and faces better then my GPS does. We talked of CCD and the loss of bees on the Island, which was over 80% this past spring! We talked of new methods of beekeeping from Germany and his love of the skep (he keeps a few for old time sakes) and his persistence toward the Russian Queen!

But alas, we had to leave. But none too soon we were give a few kg of honey for the road. All it cost, an excellent 2.5 hour conversation with a man who has, it seems, been everywhere and seen everything when it comes to the world of honeybees. I recommend that you check out Fredrich’s Honey online at http://www.beeproducts.ca, or go and have a taste of it there or at the Light Cellar in Calgary. It’s as wild (beehives in the forest) and as raw as I have seen yet in a commercial set up!

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