Collaboration Brings Back the Harvest Festival!

With the concepts of Community development close at my heart, it is really incredible what can be accomplished once everyone is back from summer holidays. It seems that everyone that I have spoken to has had a very insightful summer, whether be it new views toward food, styles of living, reflective moments with the family, or entirely  new views of the world and their role in it! It has been really exciting meeting up with everyone after this crazy summer to hear their tales and see the glow the sunshine and relaxation has brought them!

But, now that they are back, I have a job to do. It is time to kick it in full gear, and do everything in my power to engage them before the winter hibernation takes effect. Fall is a time of celebration and reflection. So, I am so happy to be working with the Calgary Unitarian Church and Calgary Horticultural Society to bring Calgary’s First (in recent years) Harvest Festival this October. Come one and come all. Local food at an affordable price, and no better place for food and conversation! Friday Night, October 15th,  we are offering Dine and Dialogue, a $10 supper of local ingredients, many sourced from within this city, and seated panellists at each table, there to aid and guide the conversations posed by the moderator! Meet your urban farmer, water harvester, beekeeper and more!

Saturday October 16th is the a proper Harvest Festival! Running from 1pm to 4pm, there will be free parking, bike valet, mini speakers, harvest contest, and local food activist tables to boot! Event is by donation! Mark you calendars and make this year a celebration of the closing gardening season!

This past Friday, September 24th 2010, we were proud to present our first of monthly guest speakers on topics of Urban Agricultural development. We invited Wade Sirois to speak on behalf of the local food movement about the challenges facing the City of Calgary in management, distribution, and access to food from our rural and urban community.  Wade is a local food Chef and owner of Forage Foods, which offers catering of locally sourced foods from over 40 producers! Wade’s definition of local is not defined by miles, but by relationships and the depth of their honesty and character.  Over the years Wade has discovered a network of passionate people who love their land, their animals, and the people they provide food for.  Calgarians are just discovering what Alberta cuisine is and it has never been so exciting or so fragile.  Wade presented some of his insights, observations, hopes, and fears along with stories from other parts of the world.  Through education, activism, and a few good meals Wade works towards a more secure future for food and farming.

Held at the Unitarian Church on 16th Ave and 1st St NW, the event was a screaming success as we kick off the 2010 and 2011 season of educational programming. We are offering a night on Permaculture with Verge Permacultures’ Rob Avis! Keep posted to learn more about this event!

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