A.B.C and the Calgary Harvest Festival

A.B.C Apiaries and Bees for Communities has teamed up with the Calgary Horticultural Network (Community Garden Network), and the Calgary Unitarian Church to create the Calgary Harvest Festival. This is a time of celebration. Calgary went from less then 30 community gardens in 2007 to over a hundred in 2010! This is an explosion of intrest in the food production within the city of Calgary. With that surplus, why not offer an opportunity to kindly compete in cullinary and green thumb skill, while celebrating the success of each communities harvests!

The fun begins at 7pm on October 15th, with Dine and Dialogue! A 150km supper, featuring 7 panelists and a moderator, guiding conversation over a fantastic feast! And believe it or not the cost is $10 per person!! Incredible, but that is what the harvest is about after all isnt it? Sharing the surplus of the season amongst friends? Food donated by: Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms, Leaf & Lyre Spin Farms, Calgary Harvest- Apple rescue program, Urban Sunflower, A.B.C- Apiaries and Bees for Communities, John Mills of Innisfail Growers, and more to come! Register at www.calhort.org/events to make sure you have a seat at the table!

Then, Come one come all on Saturday, October 16th, we are hosting the Harvest Festival, A Celebration of Food Gardening in Calgary. There are 6 mini-speakers, contests of jams, preserves, urban photography, harvest bouquets, and A.B.C’s urban honey sampling. It is by donation and Bike Root is hosting the bike valet! Come and meet the urban farmers, and ask an expert gardener any pressing questions you may have! The fest is held at the Unitarian Church of Calgary, and parking is FREE! Click here for directions!

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  1. We collect seed and/or cuttings from specified sites to be propagated and grown in the nursery to specific sizes. Seed source is one of the most important aspect of hardiness in plant material – the hardiest / best suited plants come from those propagated from an area into which they will be returned.


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