Earth Repair Collective!


When individuals join together to make a change, draw together to make an impact, the world becomes a little smaller and problems seem less overwhelming! So, as I was organizing to kick start another year of educational programming for A.B.C’s 2011 season, I decided to join forces with some other dandelions (individuals with deep tap roots eager to bring forward a more fertile future to the city of Calgary) and work together!

As I have been reflecting on the past year, I have been inspired by the openness and eagerness the Calgary community has embraced honeybees and native bees in their lives and gardens! EVERY workshop has SOLD OUT, every free public speaking event has been well received, and our guest speaker event at the Calgary Zoo RSVP’s sold out at a 120 seat capacity! It has been a better year then I could have even imagined! And as the 2010 year has progressed, the connections I have made has offered even more opportunities for A.B.C to grow, through elementary school visits, extended programming, collaboration of ideas and programming and even more workshops for 2011.

So, with this success, there needs to be more internal support in A.B.C. I simply can’t do it all by myself! So, I chatted with a few friends and we decided to create Earth Repair Collective! This collective will co-finance booth spaces at larger events, create collaborative marketing stratigies and workshops! This way, we as a small community can embrace a larger community!

The Earth Repair Collective is….

Adrian Buckley, Big Sky Permaculture and Calgary Harvest.

 Rob and Michelle Avis, Verge Permaculture

Ashley Lubyk and Heather Noakes, Dirt Craft

Eliese Watson, A.B.C- Apiaries and Bees for Communities

It is through this collaboration that we will all be better capable of bringing educational programming for alternative approached to urban living forward to the community, and make greater use of our individual time! As a group, we can become more efficient, balanced, and sustainable! We look forward to sharing our views of a healthier and more sustainable future of urban living with you!!

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