A.B.C Accepts Calgary Dollars!

Apiaries and Bees for Communities is pleased to announce that it will accept up to 25% Calgary Dollars toward the Level One Beekeeping Course!

Holding true to A.B.C’s values, we hope that this collaboration with Calgary Dollars will make the educational opportunities offered by A.B.C more accessable and sustainable. Local economies are more sustainable because it ensures that the money spent stays within the community, making the community within itself more self sufficient!

Calgary Dollars is the Arusha Centre’s complementary currency system that brings together local talents and resources to strengthen our local economy and build community. A community’s true wealth lies in the skills, talents and capabilities of its members. We believe that every person has something of value to offer to their neighbours. By encouraging local production and consumption, we are committed to creating a healthy economy that is rooted in a healthy society and a healthy ecosystem.

Learn more about Calgary Dollars here:

Video by CityTV

Calgary Dollar interactive Listings Site!

The Listings are also in the FastForward Weekly Magazine, free throughout the city!

The Arusha Centre also features Calgary Dollars at their monthly potlucks! Bring a dish for 6, and come to the Calgary Dollar Market. The special Christmas Markets are on December 8th and 13th! Come out and see what its all about! Its free with a dish of home cooked food at the Sunnyside-Hillhurst Community Association!

E-mail me if you would like to learn more! info (at) backyardbees.ca

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