Welcome to the A.B.C’s Bee Collaborative Purchase!

Last year, A.B.C’s main goal was to bring honeybees to Calgary! And did this we did, we coordinated a collaborative purchase of honeybees from Bill Stagg of Sweet Acre Apiaries in Sorrento BC. You can meet Bill through a video we recoreded on our journey out to Serrento at www.backyardbees.ca, its on the homepage!

This year A.B.C has organized a more exciting and, cough, more organized collaborative purchase of honybees, making the opportunity more accessable to Calgarians. This includes access to collaborative purchasing of equiptment too!

So, this is how the Honeybee collaborative is organized…

– There is a $20 fee to join the collaborative purchase. This fee to to cover the expenses of organizing and marketing the collaborative purchase, since so capital is going to be gained from the sale of the honeybees (just what Bill gets paid for his bees and their delivery)

– There is an informational session scheduled for February 22, 2011, location TBA. The deadline for the honeybee purchase in March 1, 2011. If you are wanting bees, a cheque for the necessary amount must be given to A.B.C before/by March 1, 2011. No exceptions.

– Bill Stagg will be delivering the honeybees to Calgary on May 20th. There will be an event scheduled for the evening of May 20th where Bill and I (Eliese Watson) will speak about the coming beekeeping season. Co-op members will be able to attend this event for free, public price TBA. If you are interested in helping plan this event, please let me know! I have big plans for this night!

– The following day (May 21), there will be a scheduled collaborative purchase viewing of a honeybee hiving. You can come and view how a Langstroth framed nuc is inserted in to a TBH. This is free for collaborative purchase members, and $25 for guests. The location of this will be announced closer to the date.

– If you are wanting 1-on-1 help with the hiving of your colony, I will be available to help you at $50/nuc. This will be scheduled in the month of May. You can view a video on how we did it in the 2010 season here

– The collaborative purchase membership also includes 2 organized potlucks in the Spring and Fall. This is so that you can stay connected with other beekeepers here in Calgary on a social level.

– A.B.C also offers free mentorship to those who join the co-op.

– There is a limit of 2 nucs/household in the purchasing of bees.

Requirements to join the collaborative purchase

Because there are limited amounts of bees to be had this season through the collaborative purchase, it is important that they go to the right homes and the right people… people who are invested in being responsible and commited beekeepers. To join the collaborative purchase, you will have to pass a simple exam at the collaborative purchase meeting in February. If you fail the exam, its ok! You can still get bees, you just have to be registered for a beekeeping course (A.B.C’s or something offered by Patty Milligan or the Province, or something like it). It is important that the collaborative purchase members are responsible so that we can be a positive model of urban beekeepers.

collaborative purchase Equipment Purchasing

If you are apart of the honeybee collaborative purchase, there is no charge for joining, but if you have bees but want in on the collaborative purchase gear and equpiment purchase, you will be asked to pay the $10 fee.

Here is how the equipment collaborative purchase is organized…

– There is a meeting on what is needed for the new beekeeper, the products that A.B.C has researched, and the choices for the group on March 22, 2011 (location TBA)

The deadline for the order is April 1, 2011. Cheques must be made on or before that date. No exceptions.

– The equipment will be delivered to A.B.C Headquarters and a community delivery spot will be organized at the March 22 meeting.

– Anyone is able to order as much equipment as they wish though this co-op! So, please feel free to spread the word to old and new beekeepers alike!


If you are interested in joining the co-op, or just coming to the meeting, please e-mail me and let me know. I will add you to the e-mail alert list!

Type “collaborative purchase” to info<at>backyardbees.ca and you will be in the loop!

If you are interested in learning how you can get honeybees for the 2011 summer please e-mail me at eliese<at>backyardbees.ca.

One response to “Welcome to the A.B.C’s Bee Collaborative Purchase!

  1. Hi,

    I keep 4 bee hives close to Calgary. Please put me on your e-mail list. I like to buy some more bees in future.

    Cheers, Lazar Rajcic


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