2011 Schedule is up!

The luxury of being organized for the 2011 year has now been laid before me, and I jumped at the opportunity! A.B.C began in January of 2010, and therefore, all of the courses and workshops were thrown together on a demand basis! This 2011 year offers more opportunities for your involvement and accessability! The schedule for the Hand-on Beehive Bees n’ Seeds workshop, Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping Workshops,  and Level One Beekeeping Courses are up! Check out the schedule here!

There are more events yet to be scheduled: A potential Level 2 Beekeeping Course, A Mead and Honey Tasting Night, Guest Speaking Events, Fall Harvest Festival in conjunction with the Calgary Horticultural Society, and a few more tricks up my sleeve! This 2011 year is going to be fantastic! I am so excited to be able to share the courses with you!

Also, A.B.C has a new volunteer who has stepped up to the plate to post upcoming events on food and sustainability on ourA.B.C calendar! Check out the website to see whats coming up in the 2011 year, or e-mail your event to calendarevents@backyardbees.ca. We are eager to share events occcuring in western Canada!

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