The Travelling Bee-show, July 2011!

I am so excited about the coming year, but as I look at my schedule, I feel that one thing is missing! Connections with new communities! I was talking to Michelle Avis co-founder of Verge Permaculture, and she was telling me of this great idea her and Rob had! So now, I too am going to follow their lead, and steal the best idea I never had! From July 4th to July 11th, I will be travelling from Calgary to Kelowna; Kelowna to Nelson; Nelson to Calgary again. On this trip, I am offering FREE 1 HOUR TALKS about Top-Bar Beekeeping in an urban environment in exchange for room and board. This tour is more of an opportunity for me to meet new people and see what is happening in the BC interior on honeybee keeping and urban sustainability projects!

If you know of any groups or individuals who may be interested in hosting me, please have them contact me at! Whatever proceeds they make off of the talk will go toward their projects! I am so excited to meet groups and individuals who are working to make a difference, find possible collaboration opportunities, and inspire me in my projects forward!

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