A.B.C Goes to Red Deer

You know, there are some things that are just supposed to happen? I feel that way about Red Deer. I have never really spent much time in Red Deer beyond the random visit in college to visit some high school friends. But it seemed as though every time I heard something new and unconventional progress occurring here in Alberta, it was coming from Red Deer and area. In recollection, Red Deer is a beautiful town. Set just between Calgary and Edmonton, it sits as the agricultural hub with a strong community base. It is a city, but has a small town appeal with the familiar faces sitting inside the cab of a truck. But, under the surface, it ain’t all true grit. There is the development of something more progressive in the world of food than your average crop farmer. There is a burgeoning community of foodies and food activists seeking out alternative uses of the rich and fertile soil beneath their feet.

The development of Sustainable Red Deer and ReThink Red Deer has gotten the city a-buzz with the coming Pathways2Sustainability Conference occurring February 23-25th. The Farmer John of Colleges, Red Deer College, now seems to be the starched collar of Johns older brother. With the commitment to furthering educational programming and progressive research happening, it only makes sense for RDC to host this major conference. A.B.C will be there with the Earth Repair Collective, sharing the development of so many new alternative educational opportunities in self-sustainability and skill development found here in Alberta!

It wasn’t only the conference that has tugged on my sleeve, leading me north, it is the hands of Rebekah of Purearth Organics and Rene from Sustainable Red Deer. Rene has written for this blog before about Transition Town concepts and you can read it by clicking here. So, A.B.C is headed to Red Deer for the evening of January 8th at the Kerry Wood! I will be talking about Pollinator Lifecyces. Then, A.B.C will be offering a Level One Beekeeping Course on January 29th and 30th!

I am so excited and eager to meet the fighters for food in Red Deer!


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