A.B.C Seeks Board of Directors

As I have moved forward with A.B.C this past year, the more I have learned about team work and collaboration. Whether it be through the Earth Repair Collective, or the connections with The Light Cellar and Patty Milligan for the Level One Beekeeping Courses, I find that my weaknesses tend to be others strengths. So, I am calling out for some support from individuals interested in joining A.B.C’s Board of Directors.

Role of the Board of Directors: The BOD is to be a sounding board for new ideas and business plan improvements as A.B.C progresses throughout the 2011 season.

Role of the Individual: To share your skills and strengths in guiding A.B.C on the path of sustainable development. Max 5 hours per month participation and a meeting every 2 months to talk about A.B.C development.

Benefits: Although the position is volunteer, the individual will have full and free access to ALL A.B.C events and programming, plus recognition on the A.B.C website!

What skills does A.B.C need? A.B.C is needing Board of Directors with skills in accounting, law, PR, web deisgn, and/or business expertise. If you are interested in helping A.B.C grow, please contact me at Eliese@backyardbees.ca! Thank you

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