Community Pollination Project: Resonating Bodies Comes to Calgary

A.B.C found out about the Resonating Bodies project by stumbling on to Sarah Peebles blog in the summer of last year. After some chatting and some quick grant writing, A.B.C is pleased to bring the Resonating Bodies project to Calgary.

Native pollinators, bumblebees and solitary bees, are under distress from pressures of habitat loss, disease, decreased genetic pools, and pesticide/herbicide uses. Calgary is fortunate to claim 12 different species of bumblebee! The Communiity Pollination Projects will simotaniously share information about these bees through interactive installations and create opportunities to participate in the bees survival!

The health and welfare of pollinators is essential to the resilience of our urban food production and plant propagation. The ecologies of urban environments face serious challenges through habitat loss and herbicide/pesticide use. Through A.B.C’s (Apiaries and Bees for Communities) educational projects on honeybees, it has seen a growing interest within the Calgary community on pollinator health. A.B.C believes that by offering opportunities for Calgarians to safely and personally interact with these important insects, Calgary will become a pollinator compassionate community! The Resonating Bodies installation allows for the observer to watch the solitary bees work in making their nest meanwhile listening the their motions through the earphones. The nests adapted to allow for all resonating sounds created by the bees to be amplified for your listening enjoyment! Look for updates to come on its grand opening where you can go to see this fantastic installation!

The following is photos from the Resonating Bodies Bee Blog!




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