Honeybee Co-op and Community Hive Meeting- Feb 22nd, John Dutton Theatre

Oh my, February is upon us and here we are, in the middle of a cold snap and we are talking summer and beekeeping! Well didn’t you know, that’s what beekeepers do…. fret and worry about the little critters in their hives and hope, pray, and plan for the coming season. We hope that the little ladies are able to survive the changing weather patterns, hope that they have enough to eat, and hope that they are able to stay healthy in the face of diseases and parasites!

So, lets talk summer and bees to keep ourselves warm! A.B.C has been moving toward the co-op meeting since last fall, and as it nears, there has been interest of people wanting to join the Calgary beekeeping community as observers and meet beekeepers as mentors! So, the February 22nd meeting is not just for those who are interested in having honeybees this 2011 season, but for those who want to become more entrenched with the beekeeping community. There will be some activities helping you meet people from your community, meet a mentor, and or source land through land-share opportunities! We are expecting over 150 people to come out, so take the time and make the trip on Tuesday February 22nd to the John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Central Library for 7pm, and meet others within your community! It may surprise you who show up and the opportunities that lie ahead for your community with pollination projects!

3 responses to “Honeybee Co-op and Community Hive Meeting- Feb 22nd, John Dutton Theatre

  1. I’d like to volunteer for this event – please send me an email about how my husband and I can do this (I spoke to you on the phone about it a week or so back).
    Sandra & Lloyd


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