Organic Beekeeping Conference- Oracle AZ

The Organic Beekeeping Conference, information here,  will be held in Oracle AZ from March 4-6th. I will be leaving on February 26th and driving down with a close friend, eager to couch surf at fellow beekeeper, permaculturalists, and community activists on our way down! Speakers so far confirmed: Don Downs (Apitherapy), Sam Comfort (TBHs), Dean Stiglitz(queen rearing/overwintering nucs), Ramona Herboldsheimer (In Hive microbial Balance), James Fearnley (UK, propolis), Bruce Brown (CC Pollen, Ind update), and Dee Lusby(regression, breeding, frame wiring), James Hensel (silkscreen signs/making woodenware), Arthur Harvey (NOSD update, etc). The widely acclaimed film Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? will be shown Friday night.

I plan to bring AV equipment to interview and record some aspects of the conference so I can share the experience with the beekeeping community here in Canada. Organic beekeeping practices are happening here in Canada, but not so strongly here in Alberta. I hope to gather as much information as humanly possible we can try some new ideas and make some proactive changes to how bees are treated in our communities!

I am also going to try to get my hands on the Queen of the Sun film and show it September of this year! Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming!

3 responses to “Organic Beekeeping Conference- Oracle AZ

  1. Am relocating with an as yet unknown helper for the 22 hr drive from Tacoma WA to Sedona (via Twin Falls)with 6 well ventilated Langstroths and a Warre by weekend of April 21st, but hope to get down to Sedona (and Oracle for the Conference). To keep costs down who might I couch surf with during conference?


    • Hey Astara
      The conference is pretty cheap. We stayed in the bedding at the Y there, and ate 3 square meals a day there. Dee knows how to make it happen. As for couch surfing, I dont think that is going to be possible, because the Y is out in a state park and pretty remote. Its better to fork out the cash and be a part of the whole experience. Last year, my gf Jess, Sam Comfort and I went out at night to find the wild colony that I sniffed out that day, got lost in the desert, and had an awesomely fun time finding our way back. Its worth comitting to going. After the conference, Dee invites beekeepers back to her farm and you can worlk bees with her and some of the other die-hard beelovers! Its awesome!


      • Queen of the Sun was shown at an Olympia Film Society gathering here in Washington State last year where copies were on hand, though it sounds like you have a copy now. I picked up a
        copy of Vanishing Bees at another event in Seattle cosponsored by the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. I have a video of last year’s Procession of the Species in Olympia with the “bee contingent” I helped organize.


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