Community Beekeepers of 2011

As I pulled up to the Central Library on February 22, 2011, snow began to fall and a stiff breeze picked up from the north. It was incredible that we were all meeting to talk about spring, flowers and the coming honeybee season. Ten volunteers met me and we got John Dutton Theatre ready for the arriving new beekeepers. By 7:30pm, 95 people had appeared and we were ready to go. Everyone marked a map with their location in the city and in rural communities, and I prepared the presentation on Bill Stagg. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough bees for all of the beekeepers who arrived, since I put the bee order in for the Community back in October of last year.

Cheques were taken on behalf of the Community. It was realized that The Community Hive Co-operative couldn’t be called Co-operative because the group had not been registered as a co-operative. So, although the collective purchase is set up under the values and principles of a co-operative, it is not a co-operative. Therefore, the Community Hive is just an informal community group, and will no longer be named a co-op. After all of the paperwork was completed, and all of the numbers crunched, everyone got the honeybee nucs that they had asked for! Our 2011 season will see 55 new colonies of bees in to the Community Hive Community, 33 of these coming to Calgary!

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