Pathways2Sustainability, February 23-25th.

The Pathways2Sustainability Conference was a seamless success, and one of the best conferences I have ever attended. If not for the wonderful array of speakers who attended, but for the diversity of attendees! It was a great opportunity to commune and plan collaboration projects with other members of the Calgary and area community.

The highlight for the conference for me was hearing Wood Tasch talk of the Slow Money movement happening in the USA. Wood Tasch wrote An Inquiry in to Slow Money. Hearing about community members investing 1% of their total annual income in to social entrepreneurial businesses and co-ops allow for a tangible returns on investment: resilient community development and independent social movements to gain economic viability!

After his presentation, the individuals from Calgary met up and had a bit of a powwow, talking about strategies of collaboration and opening the doors for public access and awareness in the projects that we are working on. The weight of creating change for the community need not fall on an individuals shoulders, but on the community itself; we were prepared to work together and make great motions of support for one another! The conference, in the end, was a great relief and an inspiring event for me, allowing me to become ever more aware of how supportive and creative the Calgary’s sustainability focused community really is! I am eager to share with you the developing projects happening here in Calgary this coming summer, and move forward with the opportunities for collaboration which has been set before me!

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