Mead and Honey Tasting Gala Seeks Sponsorships

The Community Pollinator Foundation, a newly regsitered not-for profit, is very excited to be hosting its first major fundraising event of the season- the Mead and Honey Tasting Gala.  This fabulous event will be held at the Cantos Music Foundation in downtown Calgary on May 21st.  The event will feature mead tastings from 3 Alberta meaderies, honey-themed appetizers designed specifically for the event by local restaurants, keynote speakers, and music.  All proceeds for this event will go to the Community Pollinator Foundation to assist with our new bumblebee rescue and foster parent  program, as well as the “Resonating Bodies” installation coming to Calgary this June!

In order to make this event the smashing success we know it can be, we are seeking sponsors from businesses and corporations in our community.  Depending on the level of contribution, businesses will have their logos featured on our website for one year and at the event; and will also receive free or discounted tickets to the gala.  Any level of contribution is welcome.  In addition to monetary support, we are also accepting donated items for a silent auction to be held at the gala.

Click here to see the Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity

Click here to see the Not-For-Profit Sponsorship Opportunity

If you, or someone you know, could assist us in our fundraising effort, or for information about ticketing, please contact the gala organizer, Simon Chauvette, at:

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