Mead and Honey Tasting Gala Tickets for Sale

The newly formed Community Pollinator Foundation is hosting its first annual fundraiser, The Mead and Honey Tasting Gala. This decadent evening, hosted at the Cantos Music Foundation, will be a mixture of music, complimentary honey-wine tastings, local food tapas, silent auction, key-note speakers, and informative displays on pollinators. Eliese Watson, Director of the Community Pollinator Foundation says “with local sponsors and producers like Slowfood, Chinook Arches Meadery, Fallen Timber Meadery, En Sante Winery and Boxwood Cafe, this event is sure to be one of the top local food events of the year!” The Mead and Honey Tasting Gala is happening on May 21st, from 7pm-10pm with tickets for $65 each; special pricing for students and Calgary Dollars accepted. Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance at by going to

This Gala falls on the same weekend that the Community Hive collaborative purchase of honeybees comes to Calgary! So expect to meet urban beekeepers from all over the province at the Gala, indulge in a multitude of varieties of Mead, each delicious food from local businesses, and hear about research happening here in Calgary on bumblebees and solitary bees! All of this and more at The Mead and Honey Tasting Gala!

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