“No Guff Gardening” and “Insects in the Garden”!

A.B.C has teamed up with the Unitarian Church and the Calgary Horticultural Society yet again to offer another educational program for urban food growth. The collaboration between us has brought forward a fruitful and strong relationship.  We have put on 11 publicly accessable projects since October 2010 with over 1,000 participants! We collaborate under the common goal of creating community resilience through the growth of food.

Our next workshop is coming up on June 5th, 2011, 7pm, is Insects in the Garden: The Good, the Bad and the WonderfulKen Fry aka “The Bug Guy” will be sharing about beneficial insects, common insect pests in Calgary and how to work with insects for a safe environment for all. Ken Fry is one of the authors of ‘Garden Bugs of Alberta: Gardening to AttractRepel and Control’, and a wonderfully entertaining speaker. Join us for an evening dedicated to figuring out who the prime suspects are in your garden. Follow the trail from the visible damage on your plants to the culprit. Learn to make educated decisions on whether control is necessary,and if so, how and when. Held at the Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703-1st Street NW, Register online for $10 here or pay at the door!

We brought in May with Donna Balzar presenting vegetable gardening tactics for Calgarians in leu of her new book No Guff Gardening. Some 65 people came to hear Donna share her extensive knowledge of gardening strategies for all size, locations, and shapes of gardens in Calgarys challenging growing climate. Donna Balzer is a Calgary-based horticulturist with a broad background in horticulture and 30 years experience in everything from native perennials to cultural landscapes. She has been a home vegetable gardener throughout Alberta and in British Columbia. No Guff’s co-author is Steven Biggs, a Toronto-based horticulturist, farm and garden writer, and garden educator. With commercial horticultural experience spanning plant propagation, greenhouse and nursery production, biological controls, and horticultural supplies, his favourite aspect of horticulture is the home garden. What a great evening! Click here to catch up on Donna and Steven’s work!

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