Reflections on Local 101/201!

SlowFood has taken on Local 101 this year. Local 101 is an opportunity to gather and meet local farmers, urban growers, chefs, writers and documentarians to share information on the budgeoning food movement in Alberta. With multiple documentary showings, work groups, and speakers on all things local food, it was a chance to get your fingers in to the dirt of the matter. With topics spreading from soil, water, pollination, nutrition, sustainable energy, and slowfood, there was much to be gained by attending this Local event!

A.B.C’s Eliese Watson presented the film, “Vanishing of the Bees” after sharing the vision and projects of Apiaries and Bees for Communities to the engaged audience. The film reflected on important issues facing honeybee populations imposed on industrial agriultural system and the challenges of CCD. Although the film was disheartening as it did not come to a beneficial conclusion for the future of commercial beekeeping, Eliese excitedly shared her vision for the future on un-industrializing the honeybee through urban beekeeping development. After the film, Mike Kozwalski of Steel Pony Farms CSA moderated a panel discussion between Thomas F. Pawlick (Author, ‘The War on the Countryside’ and ‘The End of Food’), Eliese Watson (A.B.C), Julia Ko (Water Matters NFP in Canmore), and Michelle Malberg (Westin Price Foundation) asking critical questions about the importance of nutrition and health!

With great food and excellent conversation and speakers, the third annual Local 101 event came to a close as all of the weekend guests went home inspired to make Calgary a more resilient and vibrant community!

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