Bumblebee Box Construction and May Melt at AREA!

With all good ideas, their execution needs collaboration! So, A.B.C has teamed up with AREA for a fun filled day of Bumblebee nest construction! This Saturday (May 7th) from 11:00am to 1:00pm we will be getting together to put together the bumblebee boxes, listen to some live music, and meet the makers and supporters of AREA, Calgary’s first Urban Farm Project! Check out www.thearea.ca to see more information about the project!

Theresa Romansky organized and picked up the donation of wood from Rona! Miles and Stacie Moore took care of the cutting, so now it is up to us to come together and put these boxes together!

These Bumblebee boxes will be used for The Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Care Program on behalf of the Community Pollinator Foundation. The boxes will be used as research vessels in Calgary’s first urban bumblebee research project! The project is focused on bumblebee populations, speciation and distribution through public participation! Go to www.thepollinatorfoundation.org for more information, or to register as a participant in the Project! 

 We will need:

Power drills with drill bits

Hand-held staple guns

Acrylic paints and brushes


The Days Schedule:


A.B.C and The Community Pollinator Foundation Bumblebee Box building begins.

3 boxes will be allocated for painting for the silent auction at The Mead and Honey Tasting Gala for May 21, 2011


Music Begins!

An ALL DAY mini music fest in Inglewood.
Here’s a look at our place.
http://www.facebook.com/pa ges/The-Area/1027852931383 87


The Bitterweed Draw
Blue Bones
The Roarin 40s
Type Monkey Type
Free Nude Celebs
The Festers
Memory Screen

And some fine and tasty record spinning from Melyssa Nielsen! And perhaps a percussion jam or two!

$10 for all day music. As A.B.C Volunteers, your entry is FREE!
And we’ll have real cheap drinks by donation!

Let’s get the summer started right… AGAIN!

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