The Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Bees and Equipment Distribution Update

 Spring has been slow on the pick up out in Sorrento this year, and therefore Bill has been rushing around trying to get the bees well prepared for their journey to your home. He is treating the bees with Formic this spring for mite control, but Formic requires a few days of +16 degrees weather to be really effective, so keep your fingers crossed, or you will be finishing off the treatments when you get your bees, that is if you want to treat with formic afterall. The bees will be arriving here in Calgary on May 20th in the afternoon/evening. On May 21 we will be doing a TBH installation and a Langstroth installation of bees for you to view in Bowness. Bill will be there to help and to talk to us about bees, integrated pest management, and any other questions you may have. After that, you are welcome to take the bees home and hive them yourself, find a partner and help eachother with the hiving of the bees, or pay me or Bill $50/hive to come and help you do it. Its up to you!

One the evening of the 21st, we are putting on a Mead and Honey Tasting Gala Fundraiser for the Community Pollinator Foundation which is organized for public education and research projects on native pollinators (honeybees are not native to Canada; bumblebees and mason bees are). If you are interested in coming, hearing guest speakers, enjoying up to 10 varieties of Mead, sampling tappas from River Cafe, Boxwood Cafe, the Coup and more, please go to to register!

 Equipment Update:

We have been desperately trying to track down shipments, get them across the boarder, and have everything together in time for you to have at least a week to get your hives assembled, located, painted, and ready.

I would like to have everything ready for your pick-up next weekend so that you have time to get your beeyard orgainzed!

The Community Hive would like to thank all of the participants and the volunteers who have made this collaborative purchase such a success; Shirley Hastings helped put all 55 invoices together so that everyone was looked after! I would also lik to personally thank everyone for their patients and support: the Community Hive is getting bigger and better every month, so the skills and programming that have been put in to place this year will grow and make the Community Hive more efficient and accessable for the years to come! Thank you everyone!

3 responses to “The Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Bees and Equipment Distribution Update

  1. I just heard about your hive fostering program. We would be very willing to foster hives at our small acreage. How do we get involved? Thank you.


  2. Yikes! It’s getting so close to B-day! Can I book ahead to have someone help me with settling my hive?


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