“Live, Bee or Die”: Sam Comfort comes to Calgary


If you don’t know who Sam Comfort is, you should and here is your chance to meet him face to face! His website is www.anarchyapiaries.org.  I met Sam at Dee Lusby’s farm in Arizona this past February, and he blew my mind! Sam is not only the largest scale TBH beekeeper in NA, he also works his beeyards all over the eastern sea board and is a well respected and sought after mentor for new and old strategies of beekeeping. After winning 6 beehives in a poker game 10 years ago, Sam fell in love with bees and worked the American pollination circuit for 3 years before CCD hit and he was sent to save a Montana beekeepers last 200 colonies (down from a 3,500 colony operation that season) in Georgias warm weather interior. That winter Sam was able to save less than half of the 200 colonies, but learned a lot about the challenges of bees and changed his perspective on beekeeping and queen rearing. Since then, Sam has become the leader in alternative bee care and hiving techniques! If you are interested in hearing Sam talk, come out to the Calgary Zoo and meet him!

Here are the event details!

“Live, Bee or Die: DIY beekeeping” and evening with Sam Comfort           

Register at http://www.calgaryzoo.org/content/view/26/283/, registrations opening next week (June 6th) . $10.00 per person


Sam Comfort, founder of Anarchy Apiaries (www.anarchyapiaries.org) of Brooklyn NY is coming to Calgary! This is not to be missed! Sam is famous for his educational programming on Less Invasive Beekeeping and Understanding Bee Wisdom.  Along with being the largest scale Organic Top-Bar Hive beekeeper in North America, Sam is an expert in alternative methods of Queen rearing and unconventional approaches to honeybee care. Sam sees the solution to the ‘bee crisis’  in creating “an infrastructure of small-scale beekeepers” and by  letting “the bees do their thing.”  Take the honeybees out of the monoculture environment and open up their food sources again; more beekeepers is our sustainable future for beekeeping and the bees. If you are new to the world of honeybees and beekeeping, or are a life-long beekeeper, you can’t miss this presentation! 

“Let’s help each other change the sheets on the deathbed of industrial agriculture. Promise yourself to slow down when you eat and savor your food. Support a network of bioregional wisdom, and keep it simple enough to teach a child. What we teach our children is the next world to be. A place where the wild things grow.”

–          Sam Comfort

3 responses to ““Live, Bee or Die”: Sam Comfort comes to Calgary

  1. Hello … I’m just wondering what the date for Sam Comfort’s lecture is? I can’t seem to find it posted yet …
    Thank you!


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