A.B.C Goes to NYC!

When we think of urban, there is no place like New York City, and when we think urban beekeeping, there is no place like New York City! So off I went!  Tim O’Neal of http://www.boroughbees.com took me in and took me out on the town! What an impressive place to be a bee in!

The bustling metropolis of NYC is something comprable to what I imagine being a honeybee in a beehive during the honey flow is like! It is incredible and there are people everywhere! Tim is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Backwards Beekeepers Club, a sister club of in Los Angeles Kirk Andersons BackwardsBeekeeper. Meg Paska and Sam Comfort as well as Tim Oneal are heading up the new club, and are putting high profile beekeeping locations on their roster such as the Brooklyn Grange.


The Brooklyn Grange is a 1 acre plot of land on a rooftop of an old industrial building in Queens. I met up with Chase Emmons, a co-ordinator of the Brooklyn Grange and they are at the hand of sealing the deal with the Navy Yard in Brooklyn to get another 6 acres of rooftop farm land!

Tim and a party of beekeepers were in the press earlier this year when the marichino cherry factory inadvertantlly fed the bees causing the comb to be filled with red no. 6 syrup. Their beekeeping exploits are to be reckoned with! We think neighbours are an issue when we have 3 or 4 in our area, but when everyone lives in high density housing and you have over 20-50 neighbours to consider when keeping bees. These guys have a way with bees as they have with people! It is so incredible.

The Brooklyn Grange is hosting a Honey Festival this year! Check it out!

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