Presentation for the Calgary Hort Society Bees: Pollinators you need in the garden

We have been gearing up here at A.B.C, and with that is more educational programming about pollinators! A.B.C is happy to be presenting a 2 hour educational program for the Calgary Horticultual Society called Bees: The Pollinators You Need in your Garden.We will be going over solitary (wasps,leaf cutter, carder, and mason bee) bee life-cycles, bumblebee lifecycles, and honeybee lifecycles. Also, we will cover methods of maintaining a healthy habitat for pollinators, artificial nesting sites, and understanding wasp populations as an indicator of your communities ecological health. I invite you to join us September 16th from 9:30-11:30 am. The cost is $10 per person with muffins and coffee served at the event! Registrations at the CHS office by calling  (403) 287-3469 or online at

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