Winterization 2011 in 6 Easy Steps

After answering many emails about how to prepare your honeybee colonies for winter, I have put together a listing of easy resources for the beginner beekeeper to look for. Here are the topics covered in the following blog entries:

Winterization 2011

Part 1: Assessing your beehive in the fall: Things to look for

–          Drone Culling

–          Entrance Protection

–          Brood Nest Size

–          Hygienic Behaviour

–          Clustering

Part 2: Common Ailments to Honeybees

–          Varroa Mites

–          Chalk Brood

–          Nosema

–          Foul Brood

Part 3: Identifying Foul Brood

Part 4: Winterizing Your Beehive

–          How wrapped is wrapped?

–          Most common causes of winter kill?

–          Ideas and strategies to decrease moisture build up.

–          Bill Staggs Method

–          Sam Comfort Method

–          Insulated Super

–          TBH Winterization

 Part 5: To feed or not to feed, that is the question!

–          What is feeding?

–          Considerations to take before feeding

–          When is it good idea to feed?

–          What are the risks of feeding?

Part 6: Pollen and Winter Bees 

– What is a ‘winter bee’ vs a ‘summer bee’?

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