2012 Will Be A RIOT! Programming and Workshops, Non-Stop!

A.B.C will be offering affordable, inspiring, and mind-expanding programming for 2012! Beginning the year with our Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees in January and Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Equipment in February (contact eliese at eliese@backyardbees.ca with subject line “CHCP” if you would like to volunteer to help make the organizing and distribution of 75 colonies and materials a success).

Then, in March A.B.C will be bringing in Kirko Beeo (Kirk Anderson) from Backwards Beekeepers, Los Angeles. Kirk is runs the largest community of urban beekeepers in North America. He is the beekeeper for sharing about community collaboration and team work in beekeeping in urban spaces, changing legislation, and inspiring people to take action with their passions. He will be doing keynote speaking in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, PLUS a day workshop on Community Collaboration and Bees in Calgary, detailing plans and programming for collaborative swarm captures and bee mentoring. Keep posted about where these events will be and how to register!

In April, A.B.C will be bringing in Werner Gysi of Harmonic Farming, Enderby BC.  Werner keeps bees based off of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principals, and has a biodynamic farm in Enderby. He is an energized and exciting presenter, bringing forth ideas of beekeeping management that defies industrial-commercial practice. He will be also keynote speaking in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, with a special workshop in Calgary, sharing how implements biodynamic in to his beekeeping!

The rest of the summer will be filled with workshops on Queen Rearing Weekend Workshop, Swarms and Splitting, Disease and Integrative Pest Management Practices, also Honey Extraction Party/Workshop and Winterization Preparation WorkshopAlso, for those non-beekeepers who are passionate about bees and want to learn more, there will be workshops on  Bees in an Urban Setting:  Freeing the Honeybee, and Industrializing  Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder or People Collapse Disorder?.

A.B.C is also going through the planning stages of offering a Beekeeping Retreat in Sorrento with Bill Stagg of Sweet Acre Apiaries! Keep posted for more information on that!

Oh my, what a year we have ahead of us! Excited? YES! Its going to be an awesome season! If you are interested in volunteering for any of these projects, please feel free to contact me! I will be putting up the Volunteer Manual for 2012 in January 2012!

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