Community Hive Collaborative Purchase 2012- Update

Bees and Equipment in 2012 will be accessible through the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase (CHCP) to Members by the end of January.  Here is a little information about the CHCP taken from the CHCP 2012 pdf.

The CHCP is an unincorporated/unregistered community group of individuals who desire access to local honeybees and honeybee keeping equipment. This CHCP membership is open to the general public.  Individuals who apply and that are accepted as Members are informed and aware individuals who assume full responsibility and all liability associated with their honeybees’ welfare and care.

Reasons for joining the CHCP span the spectrum from ideological to utilitarian. The CHCP has been organized to follow the values of the Co-operative model:

Cooperatives are based on the cooperative values of “self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, equity and solidarity” and the seven cooperative principles.

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Member Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training and Information
  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

So, based on these values defined in the inaugural year, 2011, this year for bees and equipment through the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase (CHCP) will be similar to the way it was last year on the surface, but in the inner workings, will be quite different. This year we are fortunate enough to have some incredible members of the community come forward and take on the roles of both CHCP Volunteer Coordinator (Connie Seidle) and as CHCP Project Coordinators (Jayce Naige, Danielle Caruk, and Jeananne Liang) helping us run the CHCP more smoothly this year. These individuals have taken on the major roles as volunteer leaders and will be guiding their own troops of volunteers in completing the tasks necessary in ensuring that not only does the CHCP go off without a hitch this 2012 season, but that the products are cheaper, more diverse, and distributed in an organized and timely manner. Have a look at the 2012 CHCP mandate and details here. This PDF describes how the CHCP functions, the ordinances for participation, as well as other very important details.

Also, this year we are going completely automated in our purchasing. This is to not only make it easier for you, the member (those of you who participated last year were incredibly patient with me, Eliese, in working out the kinks and juggling over 125 participants cheques and money orders!) but it is to take the headache out of accounting and invoicing on our end! Because of these changes, CHCP participation for 2012 and opportunities to pay for your annual Membership fees will not be launched online until the end of January while we organize the computer programming to make it easy for you to get online and benefit from being a CHCP Member!

As mentioned in the December 2011 Newsletter, we are bringing in 75 colonies from Bill Stagg this year for Alberta beekeepers. If you are interested in learning more about Bill Stagg, click here to view the youtube video interview. It reviews his practices, his views on urban beekeeping, diseases, seasonal management, and his overall and inspiring passion for honeybees.  But like last year, there is likely to be more applications for bees then there are honeybees available! So, keep your finger on the pulse, I will be sure to send you information as soon as any relevant information becomes available!

So, between now and then, think of bees snuggled deep in the coming snows, and with them, dream of sunny weather, free flight, and cascading apple blossom petals! Spring is coming faster than you think! Now is the time to prepare!

One response to “Community Hive Collaborative Purchase 2012- Update

  1. I am actually so happy that some like minded caring individuals have stepped up to help you Eliese, you are a dynamic and inspiring leader and we do not want to have you burn out. “A candle does not lose its brightness by lighting another candle” is the saying I think, something like that. Yeah for bees, free flight, sunshine and apple petals …..


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