Bill Stagg and Sweetacre Apiaries: Farm-stay for urbanites!

Bill Stagg and his wife Larissa have moved from the town of Sorrento to a beautiful farm of their own in near by Tappen BC, in the heart of the Shuswap, last year. Bill Stagg is the owner of Sweetacre Apiaries and a hive inspector for the province of British Columbia. But, he is also a proud father of 2 (soon to be 3) and a passionate educator and excellent friend. This move has not only offered Bill more room for his expanding family, but it also allows for Bill to move forward with his goals in his professional career as a phenomial advocate for honeybees. This year Bill is not only opening up the gates of his farm yard to fellow beekeepers, he is also offering you a plate at his dinner table, a task in his honeyhouse, and a seat in his truck. Bill is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the life of a careered beekeeper. Five days of beekeeping in the Shuswap – could there be anything sweeter ?  (Sorry for the pun!)

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During these five days, the farm will be worked by a rotating crew.  

Day One: One crew will focus on pulling honey, blowing, brushing and shaking  while the second crew will be extracting honey in the honey house and learn how to un-cap and run an entire extracting line.

Day Two:    The two crews will rotate their duties so that the first crew will now extract honey etc while the second crew will focus on pulling honey, blowing, brushing etc.

Day Three:  The two crews will come together to process bees wax, make candles, bottle honey and cut comb.

Day Four: We’ll focus on what has to be done – we may extract or pull some honey, move hives or whatever the farm needs.

Day Five: We’ll cap off the week with a wine tour, an organic farm tour, an organic brewery tour and a BBQ consisting of local fare!!

Learn about beekeeping on a small diversified operation and what it’s all about.  You’ll find out how to deal with mites and how to use organic acids.  You’ll be immersed in the real world of beekeeping.  We will work side-by-side , getting to know one another and make new friends in the community.  Be ready to break a sweat as we run around 200 colonies !!  As part of your reward, you’ll take home honey, candles, a workbook, and the experience of a lifetime!

We are excited to offer A Working Holiday so that you can not only develop a passion for beekeeping, but experience all that the Shuswap region has to offer ! You may be  interested in becoming a small commercial beekeeper or learning about sustainable agriculture.  Or you could simply be curious about the path from the farm to your plate or seeking a holiday that provides a bit of adventure.  Whatever your reason, A Working Holiday will provide a unique enjoyable experience you’re not likely to forget.

A Working Holiday runs only the third week of August and the first week of September.  We look for a crew of four to six people per week.  You’ll be busy but it’s not all work and no play…..we are just minutes away from a wonderful beach in Sunnybrae, there’s a hot tub on site and there’s always time to enjoy the local wines, beer or ale.

Week One:  August 20th        –      August 24th                             

Week Three:  September 3rd    –      September 7th
         PRICE:    $1195 per person  CAD +HST

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Pricing includes all meals – 3 meals a day for 5 days! Includes accommodation – 5 nights in our comfortable cabin which contains shower, toilet, fridge, and 3 double beds. If 6 people in 3 doubles sounds a bit cramped we do have room for tents and even have 30 amp service for a moderate 5-th wheel or motorhome.
This is an advanced beekeeping course dealing with;

  • honey extracting, pulling, handling, bottling, creaming, and cutting comb. We’ll even be looking at showing liquid honey at your local fair.
  • wax processing, candle making, making beeswax cosmetics.
  • Learn about Formic Acid and Oxalic Acid and monitoring mite levels and hive health.
  • The classroom is the apiary, the honey house, the bottling room. It is all hands-on!
  • With only 4-6 people, the atmosphere will be intimate. That means your questions will be answered.

Beyond the beekeeping itself you will enjoy a wonderful Shuswap visit;

  • Our farm tours will consist of Crannog Ales, Recline Ridge Winery, and Gorts Gouda Cheese. These are gems in the Shuswap and our bees visit them all!
  • After supper you can hang here, relax by the creek, or hot tub.
  • You can take a short drive to several beaches and enjoy a dip in the lake.
  • You will be introduced to new people and enjoy a feeling of community and experience Shuswap hospitality.
  • Witness and be a part of successful and sustainable agriculture in action.

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