Collaborative Purchase Bee Meeting: January 25, 2012.

Ok! So, the 2012 Beekeeping season is a go! Here are the details:

Event: Community Hive Collaborative Purchase Bee Meeting

Details: Come to the meeting and learn how the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase is going to work: video introduction to Bill Stagg (the beekeeper we are getting our 75 colonies from), review of the NEW PURCHASING WEBSITE!, Online beekeeper examination,  membership fees, and information about how the collaborative purchase of equipment is going to run this year (We have a goal of sourcing up to 80% of the equipment locally from local artisans!)

Where: Fairmont Palliser Hotel, Alberta Room on the mezzanine level

When: Wednesday, January 25th, 2012. 7pm-9pm

The Palliser Fairmont hotel is sponsoring this event, offering coffee, tea and cookies for all who attend! How great is that!?

The website,, will be launched by January 18th, 2012. There you will be able to register for a membership, review the Collaborative Purchase Agreement, take the beekeeping exam, and eventually order your equipment for the season. Remember that you can always go to the to ask questions and share information amongst eachother.

I hope to see you there! If you have any questions. please contact Connie or me at:


Eliese Watson:


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