Community Pollinator Foundation AGM- Guest Speaker Kirk Anderson, Backwards Beekeepers LA

The Community Pollinator Foundations (CPF) first Annual General Meeting is coming up and I thought I would send you an invite and the details of the event!

Date: March 16th, 2012

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location: Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association

Cost: Donation

Keynote: Kirk Anderson, Backwards Beekeepers Los Angeles

A Little History of the CPF

The CPF is a non-profit organization which began in the Summer of 2011. The Foundation was created with the goal of creating educational and research opportunities on native pollinators (solitary bees and bumblebees are the current focus) and was incredibly successful in its first year. With grant money received from the Cooperators Youth Impact! Fund, the CPF received $5000 in its first year to design, build, and install the Audio Bee Booth at the Calgary Zoo. This installation allows for guests of the Zoo to see wild solitary bees nest in an artificial nesting site, while also being able to listen in to the workings of the nesting sites through earphones. The plexiglass overing the nests is also attached to resonation boards and microphones, allowing the observer to have an intimate connection with the beautiful creatures.

The CPF also held the Mead and Honey Tasting Gala on May 21st, 2o11. We raised almost $5000 to help fund the creation of the Bumblebee Recue and Foster Parent Program. The project sprouted wings and was featured on the Discovery Channels Daily Planet (Click to view) on September 1, 2011 and CBC Radio broadcast.

The Goals for 2012 and the CPF

2012 is going to be an even more amazing year for the CPF. This is because the CPF has recently received ove $7500 in grants to successfully fund:

– Hiring a full time summer student employee of the CPF hired through Mount Royal Universities non-profit studies direct field work program to manage summer activities, public liason and support,  fundraising activities, and research compilation.

– Hiring 2 summer students from Mount Royal Universities Biological Sciences Program in conjuntion with Dr. Robin Owen’s active research. These students will preform Bumblebee Resuces  and lab research to aid in the CPF’s understanding of bumblebee health, distribution, populations, and species distribution within Calgary’s city limits.

Why is all of this important?

Calgary is in a unique position, both socially and scientifically. The interest Calgarians have in supporting pollinator health is overwhelming, and in conjunction with the fact that Calgary is home to more then 12 species of bumblebee and Alberta is home to more than 20 (The highest density of bumblebee species found in a single region in the WHOLE WORLD!) And therefore we are able to observe species distribution and changes in those distributions. It is all very exciting because the average Calgarian can take part in the research simply by enjoying and observing the bees in their yard or by calling the Bumblebee Hotline and having a colony rescued instead of poisoned!

The Goals of the AGM.

We have invited Kirk Anderson, founder of Backwards Beekeepers Los Angeles to keynote speak at this years 2012 AGM. He is a leader in his community advocating for pollinator health and offering educational materials and programming to make LA a more pollinator friendly city!

– We are looking for leaders in the community to take on board positions and roles to help the CPF develop and maintain a healthy partnership with Mount Royal University by offering support to the full-time NFP summer student

– We are needing an accountant/bookkeeper familiar with NFP accounting

– Advocates eager to help with the 2012 Mead and Honey Tasting Gala fundraiser for the CPF.

A full description of the positions available for election at the 2012 AGM will be available at after February 10th, 2012. If you are interested in nominating yourself or another, please feel free to contact us here


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