Werner Gysi Workshops Now Open: Colony management using a holistic/biodynamic approach.

Werner Gysi is a published and much sought after speaker about Biodynamic Beekeeping, and he will be coming to Calgary on April 13th and 14th.

 April 14th, 2012

Werner will be keynote speaking about  Beekeeping: The Wholistic Approach

Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703 1 Street Northwest  Calgary, AB T2M 4P4

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: Donation, recommended $10.00. All procededs will go to The Calgary Permaculture Guild and The Community Pollinator Foundation.

Details: Werner will be sharing stories about his own experiences beekeeping according to biodynamic pricipals. With a glance at where the concept of biodynamics came from, Werner will offer information about wholistic and sustainable ways of producing food, philosophies of earth cycles, Rudolf Steiner and Maria Thun, as well as talk aboutchanges in the world of beekeeping and strategies to maintain sustainable hives through sustainable practices.

If you would like more information about the event, please go to http://www.backyardbees.ca/courses

April 15th, 2012

A.B.C is offering a full day workshop taught by Werner Gysi, Colony Management Using a Holistic/Biodynamic Approach

Where: The Calgary Canoe Club, 6449 Crowchild Tr SW  Calgary, AB T3E 7C6

Time: 9:00am- 5:00pm

Cost: $120.00. Register here.  Includes Werner’s book, Harmonic Farming: Beekeeping, fully catered healthful lunch and tea break snacks.

Details: Here is the course outline for the day:

Colony management using a holistic/biodynamic approach

Equipment, etc.

  1. Langstroth hive with all its components, incl. Insulation, feeder pail, entrance reducer, newspaper, foundation, old comb, processed wax, etc.
  2. A nuc, swarm box
  3. Tools (hive tool, also elastosil used to make mold)
  4. The finished mold, candles, propolis
  5. Literature
  6. Included with the workshop is one copy per participant of Harmonic Farming: Bees. No other literature is handed out.

Introduction, the basics

A briefing on inspiration received along Werner’s path, foremost from uncle Roebi, Rudolf Steiner and Maria Thun and Werner’s “inner self” (mention that we should take information and process it consciously, listening to our heart, trying out things)

Why a holistic, sustainable way to produce food?

Explaining my view of mother Earth using an equation: Earth+seed=life+death=Earth (a cycle) in order to explain why I consider a holistic approach mandatory.

The philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (body, mind, spirit, intuition, and how I apply it in my daily life related to agriculture, in particular in regards to:

-ether  or in biodinamics called life form

-astral (senses and intuition),

-ego (to be, spirituality)

-energy flow (slide)

Introducing the calendar from Maria Thun

Definitions used in bio-dynamics that relate to beekeeping:

-root, flower, fruit, leaf days (slide)  this first hour is the same as given during the seminar

The anatomy of the bee

The queen, bees, drones

queen cells, cups, bee cells, drone cells

Life cycles

frames and brood nest

The environment

Unpredictable impacts

Predictable impacts

Equipment and tools (10′)

Timing (20′)

            Using the calendar (Maria Thun)

Natural pointers

Managing an apiary with 7 hive

(1st time that the colony is opened)

            Harvest, Preparing the colonies for winter (August)

SMC (sustainable mite control)

feeding teas

Preparing hive for winter

Sorting frames, what to look for

Cleansing flight (Early March)

The scrap board, determine strength

Diagnose for nosema and AFB

(2nd time that the colony is opened)

SMC and IPM (integrated pest management (Mid to Late March)

Mite control (SMC, IPM)

Pollen sources

Worker bee laying eggs

Uniting weak hives

(3rd time that the colony is opened)

Spring Management (May)

Mite control (SMC)

Feeding teas if required, collecting plants for tea

Starting with a nuc

Why counting bees?


            forced swarming, splits


            Types of swarms


(4th time that the colony is opened)

Observing (Summer time)

Removal of drone frames

Adding a honey box

Honey processing



Storing honey and frames

Recycling wax

The equipment

The frames

Making a mold

            Explain and show 5 min movie to make mold and produce foundation

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a bee keepers hat in Calgary, I was wondering if I could be pointed in the right direction?


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