A.B.C Visits Portland: The Urban Farm Store

Eliese Watson of A.B.C recently visited Oregon is an effort to take some time off before the busy beekeeping season comes on, but also to connect with other organizations and beekeepers. She was seeking inspirational stories of individuals eager to change the how we use our urban landscape. Before leaving, Eliese sent out an email to a few friends, asking who they thought she should connect with, and to her surprise, Chase Emmonds, her friend she met in NYC last year and a lead coordinator of the world famous Brooklyn Grange Urban Farm, recommended that she go and meet Rober Litt, founder of the Urban Farm Store in Portland Oregon! So, off she went on a mission to meet Robert!

Eliese found The Urban Farm Store had a chat with Robert. he and his wife Hannah founded the (very) small company through their love of chickens, our other pets and edible gardening. Hannah and Robert have been keeping chickens for a combined 7 years in Portland and their other pets much longer. They grow a lot of our own food, make preserves, fill our freezer, and enjoy helping others do the same. The Urban Farm Store started in their basement, as they brought in feed, chicks, and seeds, and distributed these goods amongst the Portland community. As intrest increased, Robert and Hannah decided to formally start their little business of bringing rural farming resources to central Portland! The Urban Farm Store was born on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 1) 2009.

Robert and Hannahs passionfor growing food and living as sustainable life as an urban homestead could offer has brought them under the tutalidge of Steve Solomon, noted author and founder of Territorial Seed Co. as well as brought Robert to work on his Masters of Science in Agriculture degree at Washington State University with a focus on sustainable agriculture and backyard micro-farming.

The Urban Farm Store offers workshops and courses on urban farming and homesteading practices. You can lean more about the The Urban Farm Store and or purchase Robert and Hannah Litt’s book, A Chicken in Every Yard, at www.theurbanfarmstore.com

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