SUPER Top Bar Hives! A.B.C’s New TBH Super Design for 2012!

A.B.C has been working hard toward not only finding, testing, and offering the BEST top bar hive designs for the Alberta climate, but is now offering a successfully tested way to super you natural combed TBH! A.B.C has for the last 2 years advocated and encouraged a standardization of TBHs in the Alberta  beekeeping community through the collaborative purchase of equipment and blueprints of the Golden Mean TBH, designed by Colorado’s own organic and natural beekeeper Corwin Bell of Not only does this design overwinter exceedingly well, but offers the least amount of side-attachment of comb and the greatest volume for space than other designs found online. But, as honey surplusses are greatest in the country here in Alberta, why not create a method of supering your TBH?

So A.B.C is pleased to share with you the TBH SUPERING LID!

If you have a Golden Mean TBH designed hive body, this lid will fit! Formulated on the utility of the langstroth design of multi-use hive bodies, all you have to do is remove the bottom board of your second TBH-body and set it on the Supering Lid. The Supering Lid is heavy duty in design, allowing it to carry the weight of your growing honey surplus above while the queen excluder keeps the brood nest secure in the bottom TBH-body! If you would like a SUPERING LID, please contact Eliese at They are currently being built by Calgary’s own Gary Kindrat! They are in limited supply, so if you would like one, please contact me ASAP!

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