Urban Thrift Supports A.B.C: Swarm the Closet $6.00/bag clothing sale!

A close friend of mine, and A.B.C’s, Bev Jamieson, has made an incredible offer that we could not refuse. As owner of Urban Thrift, a local thrift store which supports the sorting and distribution of clothing  and toy donations to aid programmes in Haiti, Bev is always looking for a way to give back. Bev decided last year to take the lunge, quit working the typical 9-5 and dig his heels in to make a living doing something more for the environment and the community; take on a thrift store business and live the dogma “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. And so he has, and in doing so, he has expanded Urban Thrift, carries Urban Thrift dollars (money that allows shoppers to receive discounts on their purchases), as well as creating the Twice Trendy Charitable Program.

The Twice Trendy Charitable Program is Bevs and Urban Thrifts way of giving back. Each day Urban Thrift receives gently used items from all over the city. Much of that is sorted and sent for the Haitian Relief, but the items that do not fit the criteria for the charity, or fit in to the stuffed hangers of the Urban Thrift Store,  are bundled and sold to clothing distribution houses, to be sorted and sold to other thrift stores. Bev’s idea and the goal of the Twice Trendy Charitable Program is to offer these clothes to local organizations dedicated to making our city more vibrant, and offer these organizations the opportunity to fund raise through the sale of this surplus clothing. Check out Urban Thrift at #20 – 3434 34 Ave NE, Calgary AB T1Y 5Y9 (By the NE Value Village).  So, here it is, A.B.C’s Swarm the closet event! Details below:


$6.00 for as many clothes as you can fit in to a grocery bag!

May 26th, 2012 10am-4pm

Old Y Downtown Calgary, 223 12 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G9

  1000’s AND 1000’s of items to choose from!

Mens and Womens Clothing ONLY!

Clothing donated by UrbanThrift and their Twice Trendy Charitable Program Proceeds go to A.B.C Apiaries and Bees for Communities, urban beekeeping programming

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