Bumblebee Orientation Offers Volunteers Foundations for Executing Rescues!

An informative and exciting training session was hosted this past Monday by Dr. Robin Owen of the Community Pollinator Foundation (CPF). Dr. Owen was eager to educate future Bumblebee rescuers on identifying bumblebee species and gaining a deeper understanding of their lifecycles!

This is all in response to the excellent turnout to the Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Parent Program 2012 Launch BBee box painting party! This coming weekend, the Community Pollinator Foundation will be venturing out under decks, in to wood piles, and under compost heaps in an effort to rescue bumblebees from unwanted domestic locations throughout the city! This is all in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the 12 different species of bumblebee found within the city limits through civil research.

 By accepting rescue applications and offering an alternative to poisoning difficult bumblebee colonies and or their unfortunate nesting locations, the CPF is better capable of not only engaging the public in an effort to bring awareness to the global plight of our  bumbles (habitat loss, pesticide kill, and the list goes on), but also in the name of science, gain a greater understanding of how our urban bumbles are living and surviving and hopefully thriving within the urban sphere! The program works because Calgarians are opening up their yards and ushering in displaced and unwanted bumblebee nests so that the bumbles can complete their lifecycle happily. These loving Bumblebee Foster Parents complete the cycle of the civil research project, making it a totally unique program of study, findings of which Dr. Robin Owen and Eliese Watson are hoping to publish a scientific article about in the coming winter.


You too can be a bumblebee rescuer by volunteering with the CPF! They are seeking out individual interested in conservsation and education!

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