‘Plan Bee Swarm Catching Group’ In Action

So… you love bees? SO DO WE! We not only love bees, but we love helping beekeepers, rescueing bees, mentoring new beekeepers by sharing what we have and what we know, and you can reach us ANYTIME in REALTIME! 2012 is the first year for the great and GROWING (this can include you) team of beekeepers who have come together to not only help rescue honeybees, but who are eager to do it FOR FREE and then share the bees with other aspiring beekeepers in Calgary and area FOR FREE! So, how does it work you may ask? Easy!

  1. Go to www.thecommunityhive.org
  2. If you have a swarm, fill out the form. If you want bees, fill out the other form!
  3. If you want to join in on the Community Hive, then ask to join the Chatroom!
  4. If you want to be a part of PLAN BEE SWARM CATCHERS CLUB  you must become a member of the chatroom and this is why:

The Plan Bee Swarm Catchers club works like so:

  • Become a member of the chatroom
  • Ask to become a member of the ‘Swarm Catchers Group’. *You need approval because you must agree to privacy rules and an understanding of what it means to be a member of the group:

As a member of Plan Bee Swarm Catchers Group, you are offering a community service to the Calgary community of beekeepers. It is important that you understand that as a swarm catcher, you are a representative to the public on behalf of all other beekeepers in Calgary, and therefore you must be respectful, answer questions, and offer a positive attitude toward beekeeping. Also as member of Plan Bee, you cannot sell the bees to the new beekeepers. You must either give them away or you can trade-in-kind with the recipient.

  • Once a member of the group, you will have access to information sent to the group through the www.communityhive.org website! this means that you can ask to come along on a swarm, take on your own, and see pictures of swarms caught throughout the summer! You will also have access to the list of people who want bees and help other new beekeepers out!

So, if you would like to catch a swarm this year for the first time, like Sara Haney did in the pictures below, be sure to join in on the fun!

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