A.B.C to Talk Pollination in Canmore!

Learn about what is buzzing in your backyard.

Explore the world of pollinators with Eliese Watson, Founder of Apiaries and Bees for Communities and Founder and Director of The Community Pollinator Foundation.


–          About native bee lifecycles including solitary bees and bumblebees

–          Learn how to identify key native pollinating species

–          Gain a deeper understanding behind the global fears behind pollinator losses and their causes

–          Understand the key role honeybees play in our global food systems by learning

  • The roles they play within the colony
  • How they communicate within the colony
  • Why they create a honey surplus and how they do it so effectively

–          How the concept of the Hive Mentality can help communities to grow in their collaborative and altruistic habits.

This one day workshop will draw you in to a deeper understanding on why urban beekeeping and advocacy for pollinator health around the world has gained so much media coverage and public outcry. See the flier here! BackyardBuzz. If you would like to register please contact canmorecommunitygardening@gmail.com

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