A.B.C is Managing the Fairmont Pallisers Honeybees!

This spring, A.B.C was contacted by Jeremy Langemann for the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in downtown Calgary. He had one question: would A.B.C be able to care for the famous hotels’ honeybees? Our answer was: YES! Jeremy had been caring for the hotels bees out in the hamlet of Dewinton in the years past, but as he was moving to a soux chef position at Winnipeg’s Fairmont Hotel, he was concerned about the future of his fuzzy friends. Immediately after our meeting, the Fairmont Palliser (PAL) enrolled 2 members of their Green Team to A.B.C’s Level One Beekeeping Course and began preparing for the colonies move to a private property in Calgary’s Inglewood community (The bees weren’t able to make a home on the hotels rooftop due to our concern of the wind tunnels through the city centre, thus other arrangements were made). Now, A.B.C is mentoring a new generation of PAL staff in the skills of honeybee care, so the hotel may continue on its journey of self-sufficiency, local food advocacy, and staff skill development. See the photos below of the bees move to the city and their initial inspections after their arrival!

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