Supering a TBH in 2012!

So, your a TBH beekeeper and your bees are doing amazing, nay, they are flourishing! So what now? We’re in a summer nectar flow and you are worried that there wont be enough room? Worry not, you can super your TBH with the TBH supering lid. Here is how it works.

– Use your spacers (3/8″ spacers that came with your Golden Mean TBH design) to space each bar apart in your main box. (This is going to be your brood box).

– Inspect your hive and find bars with over 80% capped brood on it and place it in to your new TBH that is going to be on top (TBH2). You will want 4 of these frames plus a frame of honey. This encourages the bees to use the super as the nurse bees will move up with the frames, but soon the frames will empty and begin to become filled with honey * BE SURE THAT THE QUEEN ISNT ON THESE BARS, YOU DONT WANT HER ON THE TOP!

– Place your A.B.C Queen Excluding Lid on top of your TBH1. Then set your TBH2 on top.

You will notice that overtime the drones are in the top-box. This is because of a two reasons: they cant pass through the Queen Excluding lid and they want to be where they will be fed the more readily, so why not in the honey super!

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