NEW 2013 A.B.C Apprenticeship Program

This is an exciting new program now available to 6 people wanting to learn in a facilitated hands-on and custom curriculum based course. A.B.C is excited to offer this intensive 22 week program! The course is an integrated program offering classroom time and beekeeping time, but also includes 2 colonies for you yourself to keep in your own backyard and all the tools that come with the trade. The program offers an entire season of facilitated beekeeping experience from hiving, splitting, nucing, queen rearing, IPM, honey harvest, fall and winter care, as well as mentoring other beekeepers! Its a rare opportunity that shouldnt be missed, and with only 6 seats in the program, registrations are expected to sell out fast!

Apprenticeship: A system of training a new generation of practitioners of a structured competency based set of skills. Apprenticeships ranged from craft occupations or trades to those seeking a professional license to practice in a regulated profession.

Are you eager to learn how to bee keep directly from a teacher? Do you want to have colonies for 2013 season? Would you like to be guaranteed a honey surplus? Would you like to learn all of the facets of beekeeping including queen rearing and expanding your colonies?

Look no further! The 2013 Apprenticeship Program is now available.

Here Is What The Program Includes:

– 2 beehives and all accompanying equipment

– 1 Bee jacket and veil

– 1 Pair of protective gloves

– 1 Smoker

– 1 Hive tool

– 54 hours of training over 22 weeks (min 20 hours of beekeeping hands-on)

– Modular educational tools and textbook

Here Is What To Expect:

 – 22 sessions: 17x2hour workshops (Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30)

5x4hour Saturday workshops (10-3pm), NO MORE THAN 1 SATURDAY WORKSHOP/ MONTH

Workshops occur 3 weeks on, 1 week off throughout the season with SUMMER SESSION VACATION from July 21- September 9th

– A maximum of 6 Apprentices will be taken, so learning groups will be small and outcomes GREAT!

Curriculum Outcomes and Schedule:

March 5th, 12th, 19th: Understanding the Bee and the Beehive (classroom)

March 26th: NO WORKSHOPS

April 2nd, 9th, 16th:  Nectar, Spring Feeding?, Spring Management, Signs of Disease (classroom)

April 23rd: NO WORKSHOPS

May 4th: SATURDAY FIELD DAY: Initial Spring Inspections of A.B.C Hives, selecting bees for mating yard

May 7th, 14th: Moving Bees, Making Splits and Queen Rearing Methods (classroom)

May 25th: SATURDAY FIELD DAY: Queen Rearing Practice, mating nuc preparation


June 4th: TUESDAY NIGHT FIELDWORK: Queen cells ripened and moved in to mating nucs

June 11th: Understanding mated queen quality, consolidating colonies, mating yard health. (classroom)

June 18th: TUESDAY NIGHT FIELDWORK: Check to see if round 2 queens are mated. Cage mated queens and consolidate colonies.


July 2nd, 9th: Hive health, nectar flow preparation, swarm suppression, pollen traps (classroom)

July 20th: SATURDAY FIELD DAY: Inspections of colonies, document development, install pollen trap


Aug 10th: SATURDAY FIELD DAY– Inspections for honey surplus, hive health, queen vitality

Aug 13th: Honey harvesting safety, pollen drying, packaging rules and regulations (classroom)

Aug 20th: Understanding Disease: Varroa and Nosema, winter feeding?, winter wrap options (classroom)


Sept 3rd: TUESDAY NIGHT FIELDWORK: Looking at varroa drop and decision making,

Sept 10th: TUESDAY NIGHT FIELDWORK: Problem solving with disease: Taking Action

Sept 17th: NO WORKSHOP

Sept 28th: SATURDAY FIELD DAY: Assess outcomes of hive health, winter preparation activities, FAMILY FRIENDLY WRAP UP PARTY!


Option 1: Become a Langstroth Beekeeper- $2199.00

– Receive $850.00 of beekeeping equipment

– Full edicational programming


Option 2: Become a Top Bar Hive Beekeeper- $2499.00

– Receive $1437.00 of beekeeping equipment

– Full educational programming



Bonus Option: Private Family Field Days- $599.00

Eliese Watson will mentor you and your family and friends in the art of beekeeping in 3 private sessions at your own home scheduled for your convenience. Including:

– Preparing, assembly, painting and placing equipment on the property

– Family hive inspection day

– Honey harvest day

 REGISTER TODAY! Only 6 seats are available for the 2013 season!

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