BC Beekeepers AGM- November 8-10th, 2012

Here I am, out on the Shuswap once again, overlooking the lake and enjoying an excellent cup of coffee. The BC beekeepers association is unique in that it storngly supports hobby beekeeping. The theme at this years conference is “Innovations in Apiculture” with speakers like Matt Reed on Top Bar Hive and Warre method beekeeping, Ian Tait on feeding the bees through planting for gardeners, farmers. cities and businesses. Brenda Jager (provincial hive inspector for Vancouver Island) will also be speaking about smaller scale Queen rearing for beekeepers. All in all, I am very excited to attend this years AGM. A.B.C will be hosting a booth as well as participating in the Education Day presentations. I am very excited to connect with other small groups and educators focussed on the development of urban practices in apiculture.

The agenda is as follows:

ImageI will be taking notes and photos on the Conference. Expect an update on key information and details later this month!

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