2013 Apprenticeship Program- 4 Seats Left

A.B.C’s Apprenticeship Program for 2013 is looking to be incredible! I have been doing a lot of work to ensure that the learning materials, skill set development, and opportunities to do dynamic and intensive management practices are incredibly successful! Here is a list of the learning outcomes and perks of participating in this unique opportunity.

You not only get 2 beehives and all of the equipment you need to be a beekeeper, including hive equipment, tools, protective equipment plus you learn:

– Honeybee biology, hive culture, hive dynamics and structure

– Equipment preparation and use, inspection sheets and hive development and growth maps

– Spring hive inspections, assessment, feeding, queen-right behaviors, queen health assessment, and supporting hive growth

– Observing supersedure queen cells, laying workers and drone layers

– Making hive splits, grafting and natural queen rearing methods in both Top Bar Hives and Langstroth beehives

– Making and managing mating nucleus colonies, observing successful mating of new queens, inserting queens in to new colonies in both hive styles

– Supering hives, caging and selling queens, encouraging wax production in a colony

– Observing healthy development, observing unhealthy development, and inspecting for hive stress and disease

– Fall honey harvesting through radial extraction and natural comb methods, wax rendering

– Marketing your product: rules and regulations for resale, candle making, mead making and blending honey

– Disease prevention and identification, taking analysis of varroa concentrations, treatment and treatment-free methodology

– Preparing for fall/winter, feeding, and wrapping

All of these learning outcomes come from hands-on experiences and technical applications. The course includes modular chapters created for the program by A.B.C, classroom experience, as well as Skype and in-person workshops with researchers, educators, and skilled beekeepers from all over North America.  By the time you complete your 2013 Apprenticeship Program, you will be fully confident in your skills as a beekeeper to take it wherever you would like: become a commercial beekeeper, hobbyist, produce queens and nucs, and or be self sufficient in your yard!
The program runs 3 times a month from March-September, with a week off each month, as well as a vacation period at the end of July. This 22 week program is an incredible opportunity, unlike any other program available in Canada privately. If you are thinking about it for yourself, or a gift for Christmas for a loved one, be sure to register soon, as there are only 4 seats left!
See more about the program here!

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