A.B.C and Community Hive Christmas Wish List

Tis the season for giving, and as I look back on the last 3 seasons of beekeeping, I am exceptionally grateful for all of the volunteers and support that I have received! It has been a wonderful experience in sharing my knowledge in beekeeping with those who are willing to share their personal expertise with me and us!

That being said, I have also learned that if you don’t ask for help you one receive it. So, here is my Christmas wish list for both A.B.C and The Community Hive for 2013! Please let me know if any of this intrigues you and we can make a plan of action and get going!

Community Hive

Bookkeeper to consolidate books from the Collaborative Purchase Projects

Photographer for events throughout the year, but specifically the Collaborative purchase events

Event coordinators to host or put on potlucks to run throughout the year. You can just volunteer to do one, I would just love to have someone coordinating events throughout the year to ensure momentum continues after the bees and equipment come!

Web-master.Individuals who are interested in helping get the word out about bees and what we have going on here in Calgary through social media… I cant keep up with it all!



Marketing advice and feedback

Photographer for events


If you are interested in helping out with any of these projects, please email me at eliese@backyardbees.ca. We can coordinate a meeting for the new year and make it happen!


Thank you all for your support,

Eliese Watson


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